Fluid Milk

Our California-based member-owners produce an average of 17 billion pounds of high-quality real California milk every year – enough to bottle about 2 billion gallons of milk.

Raw Milk

On average, 400 milk tankers deliver fresh real California milk to our customers’ facilities every day. Unpasteurized, raw milk is transported in state-inspected 6,000-gallon food grade tanker trucks to our customers’ facilities for processing into products like pasteurized and bottled fluid milk.

Condensed Milk

Our condensed line of processed fluid milk is the liquid co-product when water is removed through evaporation and pasteurization from Grade A raw milk. Grade A pasteurized condensed milk products are ideal for processors manufacturing dairy products, such as yogurt, cheese and ice cream.

Skim Milk

When butterfat is separated from raw milk, the liquid product that remains is skim milk. Skim milk is sold to our customers in 6,000-gallon food grade tanker trucks. Our customers use Grade A skim milk for bottled fluid sales, and in manufacturing a variety of cultured dairy products, such as yogurt and cottage cheese.


Our Grade A sweet cream is derived by separating milkfat from Grade A milk, then completing pasteurization. Transported to customer processing facilities in state-inspected food grade tanker trucks, CDI Grade A sweet cream is ideal for processors manufacturing dairy products like ice cream, sour cream and butter.


Buttermilk is the liquid food co-product of churning butter. CDI buttermilk products are pasteurized, and then delivered in state-inspected, food-grade tanker trucks to ice cream manufacturers and industrial scale bakeries. Buttermilk can also be dried into powder.

Ultra-Filtered Milk

Ultra-Filtered (UF) Milk is the result of an ultra-filtration process whereby the water and a portion of the lactose naturally present in Grade A pasteurized milk is removed. UF Milk is sold in full tanker loads to customers who manufacture products such as pediatric and adult nutritional beverages and sports drinks.

Mixes & Blends

CDI can create unique fluid milk mixes and blends that meet an individual customer’s ingredient requirements and specialized product formulas. Ice cream manufacturers often use mixes and fluid milk blends in their dairy products.

For more information on our fluid milk products, please contact: sales@californiadairies.com