Producing quality products doesn't happen by chance.

The family farms who co-own CDI are committed to responsibly producing safe, fresh and nutritious milk 365 days a year.

The delicious products made by California Dairies, Inc. (CDI) and our customers all begin at one of our 300 family-owned dairy farms. These hardworking families take great pride in producing fresh, high-quality milk every day, just as they learned from previous generations. CDI’s member farms dot California’s rural landscape, from Sacramento County down to San Diego County, and everywhere in between.

CDI By the Numbers

CDI’s member farms are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of care for their animals – a key prerequisite to producing consistently high-quality milk. Our member farms also take their role as stewards of the environment very seriously. Farmers are the earth’s original environmentalists, consistently seeking new ways to reuse, recycle and protect our valuable air and water resources. California is well known for having some of the strictest environmental regulations, and our member dairies take pride in meeting and exceeding these State-mandated requirements.

These hardworking family farms are truly the backbone of CDI and at the core of everything we are able to do as an organization.