As the #1 retail butter manufacturer in the nation, California Dairies, Inc. churns over 480 million pounds of fresh butter every year - enough to butter 15 billion slices of toast.

Branded Butter

As the most popular brand of butter in the West, Challenge Dairy Products, Inc. (CDPI) has been delivering fresh, exceptional-quality dairy products for more than 100 years. A wholly owned subsidiary of CDI, CDPI offers a variety of nationally branded butter products for retail, foodservice, and industrial applications.

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Quarter Butter

The classic butter shape for everyday cooking and baking. CDI butter quarters, made with real California milk, are the ideal all-purpose butter ingredient for delicious homemade recipes. Each quarter stick is wrapped in high-quality wax paper to protect flavor and preserve freshness.

Butter quarters are available for private label retail, club pack, and export sale in a variety of packaging profiles, including Western and Elgin shapes, as well as in multipack units.

Solid Butter

The ultimate butter product for foodservice and industrial applications. Enveloped in high-quality pre-measured wax paper, solid shaped butter presents the most efficient way to cook and bake with butter. Offered in a variety of packaging profiles, solid butter is available for private label club pack, foodservice, industrial, and export sale, as well as in multipack units.

Portion Butter

Conveniently packaged for direct consumer use, CDI portion-sized continental chips are the perfect serving size for restaurant and foodservice purposes. Individually wrapped in foil, portions are available for retail and foodservice sale.

Butter with Canola Oil

Butter with Canola Oil is crafted by blending butter, churned from fresh California sweet cream, with canola oil and sea salt to form a smooth and creamy butter blend. With a tamper evident seal, butter with canola oil is easy to spread even when cold. Packaged with a snappable lid that saves butter for later use, spreadable butter with canola oil is available for private label retail and foodservice sale.

Whipped Butter

Made from fresh California cream, whipped butter has a delicate and fluffy consistency, perfect for tabletop use. Packaged with a tamper evident seal and snapable lid that saves butter for later use, whipped butter is available for private label retail, foodservice, and industrial sale.

Bulk Butter

Creamy bulk butter manufactured with real California milk. Packaged in sturdy corrugated shipping cases, our bulk butter is offered in a variety of butterfat profiles and is available for foodservice, industrial, and domestic or export sale.

Anhydrous Milkfat & Butter Oil

Anhydrous milkfat (AMF) and butter oil are high-percentage milkfat products with almost total removal of water and non-fat solids. Both products are packaged in totes or food-grade metal drums for industrial applications, and are available for domestic and export industrial sale.

For more information on butter products, please contact: sales@californiadairies.com